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About Carbon Atlantis

Decarbonizing the air with a breakthrough electrolyzer technology for acid & base production. 

For decades, fossil fuels served as the backbone and feedstock of our economy – with the downside of polluting our atmosphere. We invert this equation by developing a cost-efficient and scalable electrochemical Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology. We capture CO2 from ambient air for either permanent storage or as a precursor for CO2-negative chemicals.

Non-thermal approaches for DAC rely on acids and bases. Bases efficiently bind CO2, while acids release it. In short, bases ❤️ and acids ❌ CO2. We have cracked the nut here by developing a breakthrough electrolyzer for acid/base regeneration, allowing us to deliver a scalable and cost-effective DAC process.

Getting to net zero requires drastic reductions in emissions. However, reductions alone won't be sufficient to achieve net zero. In addition, we need carbon capture solutions for hard-to-abate industries and carbon removal technologies to offset residual emissions. Direct Air Capture (DAC) plays a pivotal role as a permanent and verifiable carbon removal technology in the broader effort to reach net zero.

DAC needs to scale up to 1-2 gigatons (Gt) by 2050 to offset residual emissions from hard-to-abate industries and Scope 3 activities, such as flights. We assist our leading clients, including Shopify and Stripe, in reaching their net-zero objectives.

Beyond, our technology can be utilized for point-source capture in the aluminum industry.
Some context to get us started
Join our pioneering team as one of the first twenty employees at Germany’s hottest CO2 removal start-up!

We're currently looking for committed and passionate individuals who are eager to harness our technology to join the ride towards a carbon-free future: let's make history together! Your ideas will shape the future of our company and set the foundation for the future entrepreneurs and visionaries working on one of the biggest global challenges.

At Carbon Atlantis we're committed to create a high-performing and inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued: You can find more on our culture here.

All qualified applicants are given fair consideration for positions within our team and women are strongly encouraged to apply - So come just as you are!
Your mission at Carbon Atlantis
Your mission: Together with our CTO Paul you will work on building a unified data infrastructure across lab benches, our demonstrator unit, and pilots by automating workflows, analyzing data and building dashboards while also setting up the electrical control cabinet wiring where needed.

  • Build a unified data infrastructure and setting up a cloud databases across all lab benches, end-to-end demonstrator, and pilots is crucial to enable fast and efficient product development.
  • Automate workflows around lab testing, analyze data, and build dashboards.
  • Support the pilot, demonstrator and lab teams with system and control-related challenges.
  • Hands-on building of control cabinet wiring and/or modifications.
  • Analyze performance data and create dashboards for easy evaluation.

Your targets are an important roadmap but nothing is set in stone in the startup world.

At Carbon Atlantis, we understand that it is crucial to have the ability to quickly adapt to the market environment and a very new sector being shaped under our eyes. This means that we highly value flexible team members, who embrace a changing environment, and thrive when working autonomously, learning while doing.
Who we think would be a great fit
Hard skills that are necessary for this role

  • You have a masters degree or PhD in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or physics
  • You are an automation wizard and a fluent coder
  • You are fluent with System & Control theory and application
  • You are a hands-on character, experienced with electronics (wiring) and are a strong problem solver
  • You combine a strong grasp on the fundamentals of your background with the fundamentals of system controls

Soft skills that are necessary for this role

  • You like to work independently, think entrepreneurial and are excited to make decisions
  • You are a transferal thinker and team player with a critical mindset
  • You are good at explaining technically complex things in simple words
  • You love to build something and are intrinsically motivated to transform research into a working tech product
  • You are an accurate problem solver, reliant, and work precisely
  • You are resilient and able to go the extra mile

Great to have, but optional

  • You have extensive experience in data Engineering (Python, SQL, DevOps)
  • You have extensive experience in PLC programming (Structured text, Siemens, Beckhoff )
  • You have a genuine interest in Direct Air Capture and Electrochemistry
Carbon Atlantis’ perks for you
We have a bunch of perks (see below). But honestly, the biggest perk is solving one of the most important problem of our time – roll up your sleeves and join in!

  • Attractive compensation package, including stock options in the company.
  • Minimum of 30 days of vacation per year, which includes 2 days of recreational leave.
  • Financial support with your move to Munich.️
  • Free public transportation ticket for all of Germany via Deutschland Ticket Job.
  • A fitness subscription to EGYM Wellpass, so you can clear your head in your time out of the office.
  • Free team lunch every Thursday with our amazing chef!
  • Great coffee, drinks & fruits always at your fingertips.
If you still needed to be convinced to join us!
Here is our website, we recommend you check the team page!

We are the first EU and German DAC company to be selected by Frontier Climate. Frontier is buyers club for high quality carbon removal credits, i.e. a certificate validating the permanent (for >1,000 years!) and additional (to natural processes) removal of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, thereby curbing global warming.

We also partner with Deep Sky Climate, a Canadian project developer seeking to build multi-megaton scale carbon removal facilities.

News and articles about us:

Carbon Atlantis and Frontier Climate
Carbon Atlantis and Deep Sky at the Carbon Herald
Carbon Atlantis and Deep Sky 

Benefit from our network: We have access to an extensive group of leaders from various startups, investors and advisors. We can provide 1-to-1 mentoring with investors from Atlantic Labs or Counteract, engineering advisors or our business angels from startups, consulting and industry.
About us

What we do at Carbon Atlantis

We're on a mission to combat climate change by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. Our commitment is to a healthier planet, harnessing advanced technology to create a more sustainable future for all.

Why we do what we do

Simply reducing CO2e emissions falls short of meeting the critical 2°C threshold by 2050. We need to remove 10 Gigatons (!) of excess carbon from the atmosphere every year to combat climate change effectively.

Carbon removal is so nascent that there is effectively no one with experience in the field. But getting to the 10 Gigatons of carbon removals by 2050 is crucial. This represents 70% year-over-year growth for the next 26 years, twice as fast as software. We will need to bring in talent from many other industries and universities, strongly focus on talent development, and champion the climate tech industry as a whole.

We are backed by well-known VCs and angel investors and are based in Ismaning, near Munich.

You should join Carbon Atlantis if,

  • you’d like to be part of a future climate unicorn,
  • reversing climate change for the sake of yourself, your loved ones and humanity,
  • while enjoying the adventurous and demanding road of venture building,
  • in a team of brilliant, humble rock stars who take ownership for their area of expertise.

Learn more about our company, our culture and the hiring process at our Join Us! page.
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